Property form instructions

Please read these instructions fully before completing the property information form.


PLEASE NOTE: We suggest saving your listing as you go, to avoid any dissapointments or accidental loss of data. However, you will need to add at least a small bit of content to ALL of the required fields marked with a red asterisk * before you can save your listing.

Listing Title

Enter the name of your property - e.g. Chalet Example


Use this space to describe your property, the features included and not included, decopr and any other helpful information. Please use these tools sparingly in order to keep your description readable and pleasant to read. A simple, elegant design is always the most effective.

PLEASE NOTE: The fist 25-30 words of your DESCRIPTION text will be used alongside the main image of your property in Search results. Describe your property fully, but make sure you put the main selling points in the first sentence or two. e.g. "Centrally located, luxury 3-bedroom chalet with sauna, games room, WiFi, Sky TV and log fire. Open plan living and dining area, with spectacuar views across the valley". No more than 20-25 words will show in the Search results.


It is usually best to use sections for different topics, so we have suggested a selection of sub-titles below.

Bedrooms - Please state the number of single, twin, double and/or bunk beds your property has and how many guests your property can sleep in total.

Bathrooms - Please state the number of en-suite/family bathrooms your property has and give a description of the facilities e.g. if your facilities include a wet room, large bath, shaving sockets, separate WC etc.

Décor - Here you can indicate your property’s furnishing and decorative styling. This will be supported by the images you upload of your property.

Location - How is your property located in relation to the village centre, lift stations and local amenities?

Guide Prices - Please provide a summary of your rental rates here. Lower on the form, you will be asked to enter your LOWEST weekly rates during the Winter and/or Summer seasons, or your monthly or seasonal rental prices (if for longer rental periods). You can be as detailed as you wish here, but make sure it is clear and easy to read. For weekly holiday rentals, we recommend using a clearly laid out structure like this:

December (excl. Christmas & New Year weeks): £
Christmas or New Year week: £
January-February (excl. Half Term): £
February Half Term: £
March-April (excl. Easter week): £
Easter week: £

May-June: £
July-Sep: £
Oct-Nov: £

Please also state your Changeover Day clearly.

Listing Category

Please choose what best describes your property. To keep this very simple we have two categories to choose from. Apartment or Stand-Alone-Chalet.

Attachments (images/videos)

Here you can upload images/video of your property. The number of images allowed for upload depends on the listing package you have signed up for.

Choose a file/files from your computer by clicking the 'choose file' button and locating it on your machine. Your images/video files will be uploaded when you click the Save Button upon completing the form.

Areas to cover: Exterior, bedroom(s), bathroom/shower room(s), kitchen, lounge/living areas and any special features your property might have.

Listing Attributes

Using the following section, please select if you have any other additional selling features included with your property.

Price - Please enter your LOWEST rental rate here. PLEASE NOTE: You must NOT include the comma within your price if over 1,000.

Sleeps - How many individuals does your property sleep in total?

Bedrooms - How many bedrooms does your property have in total?

Bathrooms - How many bath/shower rooms does your property have, including en-suite bath/shower rooms?

Parking Spaces - How many cars can be parked at your property?

Sky/Cable TV - Does your property have Sky/Cable television?

DVD Player - Does your property include a DVD player?

WiFi Internet - Does your property include WiFi internet?

Baby Cot - Does your property include a baby cot or other baby facilities?

Washing Mach. - Does your property include a washing machine or other clothes washing facilities?

Dryer - Does your property include a clothes dryer?

Pet Friendly - Do you allow pets in your property?

Wheelchair Access - Does your property have wheelchair access?

Listing Location - Available with selected listing packages

To better place your property on our search map/listing maps, please provide the grid reference location of your property.

To obtain your grid reference you can go to In your browser, click the Maps Labs button located at the bottom of the page. If you are viewing the new layout for Google Maps and cannot find the Maps Labs link, you will need to switch back to Classic Google Maps view. In the Maps Labs pop-up window that appears, find the LatLngTooltip option and then click Enable. Make sure to click Save all changes.

Hover your mouse over your exact property location on the map and hold down the shift key on your keyboard. The latitude and longitude co-ordinates will appear. Please take note of these co-ordinates and enter them in the available box, separated by a comma. (e.g. 46.18101, 7.28197)

Enter your co-ordinates into the box and click the Search button. A map should appear, showing the location of your property.

Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand our Owner Terms & Conditions. Once you are ready, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions and then click the Save Listing button.

Once you have clicked the Save Listing button you will be prompted to pay for your listing, or edit it again.



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