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Top 10 things to do this season in Verbier


We love to try new things, especially if it’s a bit different and away from the norm. We’ve had a think and pulled together a list of the top ten things to do in Verbier this coming season.

1. The Verbier High Five by Carlsberg competitions
Try your luck against the pros in the Verbier High Five by Carlsberg competitions. Multiple Ski and Snowboard competitions to get involved in. Sat 11th April 2015

2. Speed dating on the slopes
If you’re part of the ‘single pringle’ crew then why not try speed dating on the slopes? Sat 14th February 2015

3. Take the Mont Fort endurance challenge
Test your legs and take the endurance challenge. Top-to-bottom from the Mont Fort peak to Tortin, non-stop. Mogul madness will no doubt ensue.

4. Catch the Freeride World Tour
Catch the free riders doing their stuff as the Freeride World Tour rolls through Verbier. Starting Sat 10th January 2015

5. Try your luck in The Philippe Roux Challenge
Join in and test your carving skills at The Philippe Roux Challenge – Giant Slalom competitions. Every Saturday on the Savoleyres slalom course

6. Attend the Christmas concert in Le Chable
Take a break and enjoy the voices of the school Choir at the Christmas Concert in Le Chable. Sat 20th December 2014

7. Brave the Pickle Back Shot
Fancy testing your stomach? Have a go at the Pickle Back Shot at Pub Mont Fort. The shot master will show you the way…

8. Take in the beauty of night skiing
Go night skiing on the Petite Combe piste. Glide down the floodlit slope while taking in the beauty of the twinkling lights of the town.

9. Family fancy dress party on the slopes
Take the kids on a fancy dress party on the slopes. The Verbier Sport + Carnival is a fun ski day for all the family. Mon 16th February 2015

10. Join the end of season party
Go mental at the Ultime Session end of season party. Drinks, live music and a whole lot of fun before you have to endure the wait till next season. Sat 25th April 2015
Keep and eye out for more ‘top tens’ coming soon!
Got some more things you think are really worth trying out in Verbier? Why not let us know about them!

December 2, 2014


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