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Ecoles de Ski à Verbier


Whether you are an absolute beginner, or are wanting to refine your existing skiing or boarding skills, lessons are a smart idea. It’s important to get the basics right as bad habits will hamper your style as you try to progress. And refining your skills will make your skiing or boarding so much more fun.

Selecting the right ski or snowboarding school can be a minefield. With a large resort like Verbier, you can be faced with a long list of providers and it can feel a bit of a lottery attempting to pluck the right one out of the hat. So instead, here we give you an informative but concise guide to make your decision-making a little bit easier.

Group, private, ski clinics? What’s right for me?

Finding the right instructor or school is important. There’s no point booking a private instructor if you enjoy the social aspect of sharing your experience with other pupils. But just as true, there’s no point booking group lessons if you think a more intensive one-to-one environment will get you further more quickly.

The right instructor will be able to assess your current level and help you set realistic goals for your time on the hill. But they will also make sure you are safe, which is essential when learning something in a new environment.

Cours de groupe

Group lessons in Verbier are ideal for beginners or children, and are easily the most cost effective way of learning to ski or snowboard, not just in Verbier but anywhere. Leçons ont tendance à être des demi-journées, soit tous les matins ou tous les après-midi et une durée de quatre à six jours. Classes vary from half a dozen up to 10 et sont un excellent moyen sociable de l'apprentissage du ski.

Want to learn at the hands of some of the most experienced, professional instructors in the Swiss Alps? Then you need to book your lessons with Altitude Ski School. They are renowned for the ‘team spirit’ of their group lessons, getting everyone improving and enjoying skiing and snowboarding together. Or you can choose to learn with the largest ski school in Verbier, le Ecole Suisse de Ski, offering everything from skiing and snowboarding to snow shoeing and Telemark.

Cours particuliers

Although more costly, cours particuliers sont un excellent moyen de réception et l'instruction axée sur mesure pour vous aider à améliorer votre ski et le snowboard rapidement. Ils sont parfaits pour un débutant voulant saisir rapidement les bases et pour les intermédiaires qui veulent se concentrer sur des éléments spécifiques de leur technique. Comme la plupart des cours de ski privés prennent jusqu'à quatre personnes, ils peuvent effectivement travailler sur une bonne valeur pour l'argent si vous êtes un petit groupe qui sont tous au même niveau. En haute saison, we’d recommend you book private lessons in advance as instructors tend to be fully booked and only have odd hours free for lessons. If you’re in Verbier during school holidays, la plupart des écoles de ski ont la priorité aux remontées mécaniques, qui signifie que vous pouvez éviter les files d'attente lourdes.

If you’re looking for a fully British team of instructors, then you’ll be in great company with New Generation Ski School. Their experienced and fully qualified staff won’t just give you a bunch of instructions, they will actively try to understand how you learn best, and then work to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your skiing.

Cours de Snowboard

Both group and private lessons are available for snowboaring in Verbier too. Il pourrait peut-être sembler un peu cool à voir suivant les couleurs vives emblématiques d'un moniteur de snowboard dans une seule ligne au pistes bleues (and let’s face it, boarding is all about being cool). Cependant, apprendre la planche à neige peut être un processus douloureux dans les premiers jours, and with some good instruction it shouldn’t take long before it all comes together and you are cruising down the slopes comfortably.

Most of the ski schools also offer snowboarding lessons, but we recommend Adrenaline International. You’ll have a great time, and learn a lot with the experienced team. You can also try the Swiss Snowboard School which is based out of the largest ski school in Verbier, Ecole Suisse de Ski.

Stages de ski et guides de montagne

There are a number of specialist courses and clinics offered by the ski schools of Verbier which will build your technical ability and improve your overall skiing performance. If it’s off-piste technique and guiding you’re after, there are a number of mountain guides who know the mountain like the back of their hands and will be able to give you some tips, tricks and take you to some of the best off-piste skiing in Verbier. If you’re looking to hone your powder skills then Verbier is a great place to take an off-piste clinic. There are also clinics specifically designed for tackling the bumps and moguls as well as expert ski instructors who can help even the best skiers improve their techniques. If you fancy your hand at Telemarking then get in touch with the ski schools who will find you an instructor to help get you started and teach you the technique.

Want to try your hand at off-piste skiing? Get in touch with Freeride Verbier and talk to them about their private lessons and mountain guiding. You can also try Powder Extreme. The guys and girls here know their stuff and will get you on a real powder hunt.

Les enfants skient clubs

Perfect for the family whose little ones are just starting out. Les clubs ont tendance à avoir leurs propres zones désignées qui sont conçus spécifiquement pour les petits enfants. Ils sont toujours basés à proximité des principales zones de villégiature, qui signifie que vous ne devez pas loin à aller pour les amener à leurs leçons. Les zones font souvent usage des ascenseurs magiques de style tapis, arches gonflables à ski à travers et les pentes d'un gradient très doux – parfait pour les très jeunes enfants qui viennent de se faire une idée de la neige et les skis.

Your little ones will love Les Elfes, not only a ski school specifically for children, but an international winter and summer camp that aims to supercharge your child’s skiing and snowboarding while in a fun and safe environment.

Disabled Ski/Board Lessons

Les sports de montagne sont pour tout le monde. Lessons for skiers and boarders with physical or mental handicaps are also available in Verbier, and make the mountain truly accessible. Extrêmement utile, qualified instructors at the Ecole Suisse de Ski can guide you through from the basics to skiing tough terrain in the specialist equipment.